Night blindness is not a disease

Your vision becomes blurry at night or hard to see in dim light? Maybe you have nyctalopia or night blindness. This condition occurs when cells in the retina that help see in the dark, experience interference. You need to know beforehand that night blindness is not a disease, but rather a sign or symptom of a certain underlying disease. For this reason, do not take it for granted as night blindness, this condition requires careful examination and proper handling to be overcome. Characteristics of Night blindness For those of you who experience night blindness, its characteristics can be recognized when carrying out daily activities, such as the following: Difficult to see the road when driving at night. It's hard to see around when walking in a dark place, for example in a movie theater. It's hard to see stars in the sky. In addition, another symptom of night blindness is the difficulty of seeing in the dark, your vision may deteriorate during the transition from bri
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